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We present our new vintage vinyl page. as you may realize by now, the focus of this site is to enlighten its visitors with information about treasures and artifacts of rock. it is also our goal to produce and/or offer merchandise (when available) that correlates with that focus. While it is possible to try and offer a huge collection of platters for sale; we had rather leave that up to soOld 78 vinyl labelme of the very dedicated vinyl collecting sites that obviously have been trading and colleting vintage vinyl for many, many years.

As this new area of our site grows we will be bringing more and more offers and products to you. The vintage vinyl page is displayed within these pages because it is "on point" and very interesting as a side dish to our main entree of vintage rock concert posters and concert memorabilia.

With that said, we do have some very newsworthy stories and offers if you wish to indulge. Also, there are loads of links to some of the best vinyl sources on the net. It would take much much more than the scope of this page to bring you everything you might desire as far as vinyl record collecting. But, we will however put you in the right direction and bring you up to date news stories and interesting articles about vinyl. Who knows, you may find that treasure or artifact of rock that brings back great memories or be a valuable piece to you collection.

Please use and explore links below and check back to this page for updates, special deals, added products and general news on vinyl collecting. Vintage Vinyl is very much a part of our home here in the art, facts and treasures of rock 'n' roll

Cheap Thrills Record cover

Artist R. Crumb

Everything old is new again! Dig deep into the vaults and collect 33 1/2, 45s, and even 78s RPM records. A fountain of information about collecting - trading - and history on audio vinyl recording. Fascinating for the novice or serious collector.


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