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Is Your Rock Poster Collectable?

When evaluating potential collectable posters there are many factors to consider.  First, you must decide why you’re collecting:

  • Nostalgic emotional connection to the sixties or other cultural era?
  • Focus on the work of specific Artists or bands?
  • Brings back the music from a historic rock event?
  • You view Psychedelic Concert Posters as an investment opportunity.  Buy now while prices are still low in an expanding market.

It should be all the above.  If you’re new to poster collecting, you will soon find yourself embraced with the aesthetic pleasure and the history these pieces offer.  Not unlike collecting art.  Maybe you were around when these collectable posters were first distributed and have a special affection for them.

There are many reasons to collect; but, collecting what you like may be the most important consideration of all.

Poster Scarcity

Dealing with vintage rock posters can be challenging.  Lesson #1 - Original printing of a poster is always more valuable than the reprint.  They have subtle differences you need to be aware of when dealing in this medium.

There is a noticeable scarcity in the most desirable posters, especially those in top condition.  However, compared to other more established collectable's 1960s Psychedelic Concert Posters still represent an incredible bargain.

Starting Out

  • Study and know you are buying the best quality possible.
  • Buy now prices are low
  • Deal with someone you trust (will stand behind the sale)
  • Stay away from poster restoration, it’s a trap
  • Purchase what you love
  • Buying solely as investment is a big mistake
  • If not passionate about poster collectable's, it will not be fun or successful
  • What ties your collection together?
  • What makes it distinct?
  • Continuity within a collection is more appealing and coherent

Buying Tips

  • Posters properly stored will be in mint condition & no flaws
  • Tack holes, yellowing, mold /mildew have a negative effect on value
  • Damaged poster but extremely rare may still have value
  • Linen backing or paper restoration not acceptable for serious rock poster collectors
  • If the preservation of a valuable poster is in harms way-hire a professional restorer
  • Popularity of an artist nay bring higher value on pieces
  • The design of certain posters may have more mass appeal and stand out as unique works of art

Featured performers (or) venue displayed can play a role in the poster’s popularity and value

Who is in this Market?

Mostly educated professionals that are highly successful in their field.  Discovering affordable high-end art that is extremely rare and historically important.  Hobbyist’s finding pieces in their collection have escalated in value.  Popularity of this artwork has grown far beyond just the fans of the music.  A stream of new poster collectors are entering the market constantly.

Where is it Going?

Most of these collectable posters are 40 years old now. This market has taken years to set in motion.  The posters stand on their own as true works of art plus represent music and cultural values that millions hold dear.  The fair market price and grading on pieces can be extremely high or very affordable. Now (by all forecasts) is a ripe time to get into this market if you’re so inclined.


Here are some articles on investing and collecting poster art that may be of some interest.  We’ll steadily be adding content to this section as we see fit about this burgeoning and very exciting proposition.  Please check back soon for updates and info.

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