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Vintage Rock Posters - A Magical History Trip

Welcome to a rich harvest of grand memories.  The true era of vintage rock posters from 1955 to 1971.  The early ones were “boxing style” posters with emphasis on key words done in wood block.  The sixties posters  would turn the world on its ear. “The 1960s were where finVintage Rock Poster by Stanley Mousee art and commercial art met. It was a great time, it meant breaking all the rules!” Stanley Mouse 1987.  These are the crown jewels.  Rock concert posters evolved into extraordinary visual equivalents of the music they advertised.  Not since Europe of the 1930s has poster art played so significant a role in popular entertainment.  Bill Graham concerts at the Fillmore West and Fillmore East, by happenstance, created a cottage industry of concert poster art and artifacts of rock.  He commissioned work from hundreds of artists, printers, musicians and promoters for nearly a decade.  The 1960s posters were flamboyant, creative and colorful.  You could see and feel they were translations of the music in graphic terms.  “These posters are art, as the music itself is art, and in many cases they are very fine, high art.”– Bill Graham.  There is no doubt that the Fillmore posters  are revered as some of the best and highly coveted.  However, there were many sources that commissioned poster art.  We plan to explore this and much more by keeping an open dialogue on this fascinating world of vintage rock posters.

Rock Band Memorabilia 

Exploring the world of rock art posters from a collecting or investment point of view is an exciting proposition.  Not only were these posters a by-product from historic rock and roll events - they produced other concert memorabilia such as handbills, ticket stubs, and rock band tees.   With the printing capped to a thousand or so – these artifacts of rock are very rare and extremely collectable.   Poster collecting is a burgeoning, lucrative, young, and affordable investment opportunity.  Many rare concert posters are displayed prominently at The Smithsonian, The Museum of Modern Art NY, Whitney Museum Of American Art, SF Museum Of Modern Art, and other modern art museums worldwide.  Vintage rock posters are traded just like fine art or modern art and prices are highly variable.  Artifacts of Rock band memorabilia includes musical vintage items too.  If you’re collecting or trading in art and posters you’ll find this section extremely interesting.  It is steeped in history of musical instruments and vintage vinyl records.

The 1960s Posters

The 1960s was a magical time when people really believed in a new Utopia. “What worked before does not work now and we’re not gonna take it!”  A Brave New World.  Music, art and fashion embraced these ideals as well.  Suddenly, you see a fountain of creativity like never before.  It could explain why some vintage rock posters from this era are the most coveted and valuable.  Artifacts Of Rock concentrates on 1955-1971 because (after that) promoting rock was often a “corporate” rather than a communal endeavor.  Magic lost, mass media take over.  Not to say that there are a great many poster artists producing extremely fine work since then and even today.